"Women’s status in the society is much worse. When Saddam was around, we had many objections, but the laws did grant some basic women’s rights. But after the so-called liberation, a girl can be married at 11 years. This is legal because the Iraqi Constitution has an article that says that Iraqis are free to choose what kind of law under which they lead their civil lives. Many American officials have called the Constitution the most democratic constitution in the Arab world, but how does an 11-year-old girl choose what kind of law protects her?"

Yanar Mohammed, interviewed by In These Times. Yanar is a feminist activist in Iraq, where she heads up the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq and has been responsible for organizing weekly protests by women in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square. (via thepoliticalnotebook)

This whole interview with her is great.  She is definitely a hero.

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